Deeply understanding each client's needs, risk limits and expectations allows us to offer individually tailored solutions for preserving and growing asset value
Braitin Investments is an investment manager licensed by the Bank of Lithuania Line


Braitin UAB helps you manage risk and maximize returns for your portfolio, giving you the granular information, insights, and forward-looking intelligence you need to make confident, data-driven decisions.   Combining experienced investment professionals and unique risk management tools, we offer informed investors attractive opportunities to invest in innovative investment strategies.


A deep understanding of clients’ needs, risk limits and expectations allows us to offer tailored solutions for preserving and growing asset value. We seek a long-term personal relationship with each client.

real estate


The objective is to invest in well-established successful properties in Vilnius, starting with the four buildings of the prominent Verslo Trikampis (Business Triangle) complex. Impeccable administration of the real estate and excellent management of tenant relations will allow the fund to generate stable dividends and expect a solid boost in return after a 7-year period. The objective is to invest in well-established successful properties generating stable cash-flow. As well, we also invest in properties that are developed and could generate great incomes and capital appreciation in the future. Our real estate assets size in nearing 100m EUR mark.



We see a tremendous market opportunity in the lack of alternative debt funding in the Baltics. Strong demand from SMEs and real estate developers along with lack of interest among major financial institutions creates an attractive opportunity to offer debt instruments. Our focus is on secured loans with real estate as collateral. We have an experienced investment and advisory team with a solid track record in banking and investments in Lithuania and internationally. The team has specific experience in lending and debt instruments (convertible, mezzanine, etc.), private placements, and private equity.

solar panels


We see an opportunity in renewable energy from the perspective of market growth and being responsible investors. Our primary investment focus is on renewable energy projects employing operationally and economically mature technologies with proven and successful track records. We’re interested in hydro, wind, solar, geothermal and biomass energy, investing in the development and later stages of projects.


 Deeply understanding each client’s needs, risk limits and expectations allow us to offer individually tailored solutions for preserving and growing asset value. Highly experienced investment professionals. Get acquainted.

Audrius Žiugžda

Chairman of the Board

More than 20 years of experience in banking and financial services. Previously served as the CEO at Šiaulių Bankas, CEO and Chairman of the Board at SEB Bankas, a board member at Limarko Shipping and Enercom Capital, an advisor to Telia Lietuva, and a member of the council of Vytautas Magnus University. Audrius has a master’s degree in business management from Vytautas Magnus University.

Violeta Čirkova

Member of the Board

More than 15 years of experience in financial accounting and fund and securities accounting. Previously served as Head of Securities Accounting at Finasta Bank and Šiaulių Bankas, and as Team Leader for International Settlement at Danske Bank. Violeta has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Vilnius University.

Rytis Davidovičius


More than 15 years of experience in international business and investment management. Previously he worked as General Manager at Orion Asset Management, Head of Business Development at Lewben, and Head of Private and Institutional Banking at Finasta Bank. He has been President of the Lithuanian Rugby Federation and Football A League. Rytis holds an MBA in Sports and Business from Real Madrid Executive School and a Certificate in Strategic Management from Columbia Business School.

Ramūnas Abazorius

Investment Manager

More than 25 years of experience in banking, risk management, corporate finance, and investment and business management. Previously a Financial Consultant at the VMG group, Member of the Board and Chief Financial Officer at Luminor and DNB Banks, Head of Control at DNB Nord Bank, and Head of Credit and Market Risk at Nord/LB Bank. Ramūnas has a master’s degree in finance from Vilnius University and has completed a leadership programme at IE Business School.


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